Upcoming Events

Here is a list of the upcoming events that are being held at Hulme Hall in 2017.

Craft & Gift Fairs

Sunday 19th March
Sunday 23rd April
Sunday 28th May
Sunday 23rd July
Sunday 27th August
Sunday 17th September
Sunday 15th October
Sunday 3rd December (Christmas Craft)
Small admission charge. Doors open 9.30AM

Antique & Collectors Fairs

Monday 17th April
Monday 29th May
Sunday 18th June
Monday 28th August
Sunday 24th September
Sunday 22nd October
Sunday 19th November
Small admission charge. Doors open 9.30AM

Toy & Train Fair

Sunday 14th May
Saturday 10th June
Sunday 3rd September
Sunday 12th November

Beer Festival

Thurs 13th - Sunday 16th April

Flea Markets

Sunday 8th January
Sunday 5th February
Sunday 2nd April
Sunday 7th May
Sunday 11th June
Sunday 9th July
Sunday 6th August
Sunday 10th September
Sunday 8th October
Sunday 5th November
Small admission charge. Doors open 9.30AM

Wirral Gin Festival

Friday 19th May
Saturday 15th July

Wool Show
Saturday 19th August
Happy Stampers

Saturday 6th May
Saturday 7th October

Wirral Wine & Cheese Festival
A new event planned for the Autumn